It is an inflammatory bowel disease with no scientific evidence on how it occurs in the small intestine of an individual. Furthermore, it has no known cure and one can take only precautionary measures.

The causes behind the emergence of this disease are not yet discovered. Many experts conclude that it is an autoimmune disease. Today, medical technology is so advance that there is a cure for almost any disease but there are some that are strange to doctors as well. It is a strange disease that has no clue how it occurs in people. Experts have concluded that it happens due to inflammation in your intestine. For many years experts have gathered so much information about it but there is no known cure for this disease. It can be a life-threatening disease for someone if treated not well within time.

Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease

There are no fixed symptoms of Crohn’s Disease, they vary from one person to another. People with Crohn’s Disease have died because of its severe conditions and yet there are others who have been living with it for a long time. The symptoms of Crohn’s Disease cannot be the same as we learn from the other sources. There are some common symptoms that are given below:

  • It gives you constant pain in your abdomen and your stomach got disturbed. It varies among people. Some of them may have mild symptoms and some of them may have severe pains too. It usually hurts the lower right part of your abdomen.
  • Diarrhea is the main symptom of Crohn’s Disease; you can observe from it if your stomach is disturbed in routine or there is something wrong with your stomach. If your disease gets worse then you may experience mucus and blood in the stool. You will feel an urge to go to the toilet to empty your stomach but all in vain. Sometimes it will be very difficult for you to pass your stool easily.
  • An ulcer is the most chronic disease that can cause severe harm due to the stomach. When Crohn’s Disease gets serious, it bleeds in your intestine and can be a reason for blood in your stool.
  • When your stomach is disturbed due to chronic disease and you are not eating right it weakens your body. In this condition, you will remain fatigued. In Crohn’s Disease, it is the biggest symptom ever seen in patients.
  • Due to Crohn’s Disease inflammation occurs on a drastic level that causes you loss of appetite. People could not maintain their appetite due to Crohn’s Disease.
  • If you are not eating enough and cannot maintain your appetite then you may lose weight. It may lead you to other diseases so you have to be very careful about your diet.
  • If you have lost so much blood in your stool then it can cause Anemia. You will have to be careful about the bleeding in the stool you should immediately contact your physician.

Sometimes it happens that people often misunderstand these symptoms with another disease like food poisoning, stomach issues, etc. But you have to look for the symptoms and conditions you are going through. You should consult and take a thorough check by the physician. Negligence can be harmful to you if you did not take of yourself. Crohn’s Disease can be further developed in Perianal Fistula[i].

Main Causes of Crohn’s Disease

At this moment, doctors and experts are not clear about the causes of Crohn’s Disease. Researches are being done to fight it. The only because they came up with is an autoimmune dysfunction and there is no track that how it happens and how much it can be fatal for you.

There is a fact that genes play the biggest role in the development of certain diseases. If you are genetically weak or someone in your family had Crohn’s Disease then there is a chance you might have it in the future. So, you should look forward to it so that you can rectify any harm in the future. Doctors have misunderstood that if people are not taking care of their diet and having junk food on daily basis then they are vulnerable to this disease. Stress was the very misunderstood cause of Crohn’s Disease but it is clear now that it is not the only reason it may be but it is not the only cause. Smokers should have to quit smoking if they are not healthy and their diet is total junk.

Risk Factors

There is a risk in every chronic disease, you never know at what point you are risking your life by neglecting the facts. Everybody is at risk of having any chronic disease unless they are taking care of their health seriously. There are some risk factors you should know, given below:

  • Crohn’s Disease can affect anytime any point in your life regardless the age. Ethnicity can be a problem for you, for example, in the Eastern Europe side the people of Jewish descent are more vulnerable than in any other area. North Americans and people of the United Kingdom are not prone to this disease too.
  • With the age and passage of time, your body weakens and you are vulnerable to most of the diseases. So, the age can be problem unless you are fit and healthy to dight the diseases. According to the study, there are more chances of developing Crohn’s Disease in youngsters than in elderly people.
  • Smoking is the biggest factor for many diseases. If you are a chain smoker then there are more chances of developing many diseases Crohn’s Disease can be one of them. If possible, then you should quit the use of tobacco.

Diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease

Doctors cannot predict that you have Crohn’s Disease on the basis of a preliminary check-up. It takes a thorough study of your conditions and a physical exam is required to tell whether you have it or not. Blood tests, stool examination, Endoscopy[ii], CT- Scan, and MRI Scan are the diagnosis for Crohn’s Disease.