It is a protein drug called Botulinum Toxin that is being used to remove wrinkles and other facial problems. It is very popular with women and could sometime produce magical results.

It is actually a brand’s name, not a toxin, many people confuse it with the drug and normally people know this by its brand name Botox. Many other brands are in the market providing the same drug with different names like Dysport or Xeomin. But the most popular of them is Botox and is recommended by experts around the world. It has the power to shrink your skin artificially by using Botulinum Toxin often called Botox. It can make you look drastically younger than you actually are. It is sometimes used to treat underarm sweating problems, neck pain, muscular dysfunction, constant eye blinking problems, bladder and migraine[i] problems.

Working of Botox

Basically, it is used to block the signals coming from the brain to the muscles. After the application of Botulinum Toxin, you can see that your muscles are softer than before. People use botox to remove wrinkles on the forehead, eyes, and other facial parts. It is very effective but it cannot remove the wrinkles caused by sun radiations. It works at a particular age and suits most people. Over the period as you age, your muscles got contracted, Botulinum Toxin is used to relax them. It is not only used by women, most of the men are using this to look younger than before.

Why People Use It?

To remove wrinkles from your face is not the only thing for which Botulinum Toxin is used. There are many other treatments done by this drug that is given below:

  • To cure their lazy eye problems people often use Botox treatment. It contracts the muscles of their eyelids.
  • Most people go through a condition called Cervical Dystonia in which you could not move your neck as in normal conditions. As it relaxes the muscles where it is applied so it may be useful for you if you have stuck your neck.
  • Cerebral Palsy[ii] is a condition that contracts your muscles to relax them and your limbs you can use this procedure.
  • It is very useful to treat migraines, it is useful in these conditions when your head is hurting so much. It is used to normalize the headaches and sometimes to remove them.
  • Excessive sweating is another biggest problem in people, most people face sweating severely than usual. It makes people very uncomfortable among people and you can lose your confidence because of it. It is very stressful for your personal hygiene. You can cure it by Botox procedure.
  • Sometimes people get overly active bladder that causes many other problems. To cure this condition, Botox can be used.

Risk Factors of Botox

There is no harm in saying that every medicine has its advantages and disadvantages if used for a long time. Botox treatment is safe when you consult your physicians and took it by the experts. It is not usually but there are some side effects of Botulinum Toxin that are given below:

  • The spot where you are injected with Botulinum Toxin may swell and cause bruises and you may be in severe pain for a long time.
  • Many people complained about having flu after this procedure so you should check your conditions before going for Botox treatment.
  • People have claimed that they are having eyebrows problems after having this procedure.
  • People often said that they are having excessive tear problems and they are crying like a child without any reason after the procedure.

One thing is for sure that it cannot be spread in your whole body. If it happens, then it is due to a lack of care by the doctor who has done this treatment. In this case, you may experience some of the problems like:

  • Muscles got weak.
  • Eyesight problems.
  • Due to this procedure, you may have to care when you eat and swallow.
  • You might have breathing problems
  • Bladder issue can be seen

For pregnant women, it is not recommended and if you breastfeed your child then it is recommended that do not undergo this procedure. If someone is allergic to dairy products, they should not even think about it.

What is the procedure?

The procedure is not too long, it takes only a few minutes to do this. There is no need to take anesthesia because it is not a serious procedure. Usually, doctors use an injection of Botulinum Toxin and inject it into your desired muscles through the skin.

It is not a quick procedure that affects you in a minute or two. It takes approximately 10 to 15 days to appear the results on your body or face. Some people have said that they felt small pinching in their points of the face where the procedure is applied. Doctors recommend that do not touch and rub the points that were treated. Take great care of your face and stay away from harmful activities. It is effective for 7 to 10 months but it depends on what is the procedure you have done on your face.

Cost and results of Botox

The cost of the procedure is very reasonable if you are able to undergo this. Somehow, there are some factors on that cost may vary and they are as given below:

  • First of all, you should know that if you are taking this procedure for cosmetics purposes or medical purposes in order to treat a disease.
  • The fees of your attendant who will do the procedure.
  • The total number of injections applied to your face.

In general, it may cost you around $250 to 500 but again it depends on the factors listed above and it can be varied. After 5 to 6 days, you can see the results of the Botox. There is a reason you have to undergo this procedure again and again with a gap of 6 to 7 months.