Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects your brain through the spinal cord. It is a chronic disease and it usually affects elderly people so we should take extra care of them.

It can be a lifelong disease that can paralyze you for life. Sometimes it is mild but it could get severe over the time. Nobody can predict when will you get a severe hit and when will you get a mild hit in your brain through the spinal cord. Your spinal cord is the main connecting tissue in your body that transmits all the signals to your brain. It is totally unpredictable that how and when a person would get this disease without having any history of it. It causes a disruption in the flow of information between the body and the brain.

What Are the Types of Multiple Sclerosis?

According to the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, it is divided into four main parts that are given below:

  • Clinically isolated syndrome (CIS)
  • Relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS)
  • Primary progressive MS (PPMS)
  • Secondary progressive MS (SPMS)

Clinically isolated syndrome (CIS)

It is the preliminary stage of multiple sclerosis. Mild symptoms are observed at this stage. Doctors can handle the situation at this stage, it is also called the first episode. It is very difficult to say that a person is suffering from it at this stage.

Relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS)2

It is the second stage of multiple sclerosis when it gets severe with time. At this stage, there is a probability of 80% to 85% that you have Relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis. Sometimes it is called the second episode of multiple sclerosis.

Primary progressive MS (PPMS)

When the second episode of multiple sclerosis gets worse and gradually weakens your body, without any emission or relapse, it is called Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. it is a chance that you will feel like you are recovering from it but it can be delusional. There is a 10% to 15% chance that you will diagnose with PPMS at the very first checkup.

Secondary progressive MS (SPMS)

After the second episode, if you are diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis and it gets worse than you can think of then it is the last stage of multiple sclerosis that is called Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. There will be a recurring episode of relapses and you can easily notice that. At some point, you may feel disabled and there are higher chances that your mobility will be affected.


There are many things you can experience if you have a doubt that you have multiple sclerosis. The symptoms vary from one another, which means that if a person has certain symptoms of multiple sclerosis, it is not necessary that another person will have the same symptoms to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. if your neglect the symptoms at first then it can be fatal for you for the rest of your life. Sometimes, people may experience blurry vision numbness, and tingling in their limbs. It can also blind you at some point, and you may not be able to move for the rest of your life. Experts say it can be treated but most of the time, it cannot be treatable. If you have this condition then your life expectancy rate will decrease over time. There are some of the most common symptoms given below:

  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Vision Issues
  • Issues in speech
  • Urination Issues
  • Sexual Inability


If you are getting tired every time and could not do anything with your actual energy then you should consult your physician that if you have multiple sclerosis. You could not be able to do your routine tasks and it is complained by 70 to 80 percent people around the world.

Difficulty in walking

In this disease, you may experience, difficulty in walking. You may not be able to walk and you might need some time to be able to stand up and start walking. You may lose control of yourself and may fall during a walk and your muscles got weak gradually. Furthermore, you may end up hurting yourself if you don’t take precautions.

Vision Issues

Eyes are a very important part of your body, without these, you cannot see. If you cannot see, then you will never be able to live a normal life. In multiple sclerosis, you can be affected by short-sightedness, blurry vision and more.

Issues in speech

Multiple sclerosis causes a certain chemical imbalance that results in speech issues. You cannot be able to talk properly. Scientifically it is called dysarthria and it can be mild or severe depending on the condition and stage of multiple sclerosis. you may experience pauses in your speech that will be useless or you can say due to the disease.

Sexual Inability

If you are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis then you may experience sexual inability because it is totally connected with your brain or mental condition. If your mind is not relaxed and normal then you will not be able to enjoy your sexual life. It is regardless that you are a male or female it can occur to both.

MS Diagnosis

The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is difficult or can be costly to you. First of all, doctors examine the physical condition of a person then mental. You will be asked about the symptoms in multiple sessions to concrete the fact that either you have it or not. Multiple strategies are used to diagnose multiple sclerosis. it cannot be diagnosed in a simple step; doctors have to make sure if someone is really suffering from it or not. There are some strategies that most of the doctors used to diagnose multiple sclerosis given below:

  • Your blood sample will be taken to check if there are any symptoms of it or not.
  • Your vision will be thoroughly tested to ensure that if it is caused by MS or any other problem that exists that causes vision problems.
  • Your body movement is observed to make sure you can walk normally in any condition or not.
  • Your nerves are thoroughly examined to determine the conditions.