Running shoes are the perfect partner of a person who is an athlete or passionate about running daily. There are so many types and varieties of running shoes to choose from.

There are so many types of running shoes that anyone may get confused easily. So many brands with so many types of running shoes with different technologies to choose from. The competition is so high that a normal person cannot buy easily running shoes with good value for money. The most famous running shoes brands in the world are Adidas, Nike[i], Reebok, Puma, Under Armor, New Balance, ASICS, Slazenger, and Peak. How would you choose a perfect pair for you? There are so many questions that arise, what will be the technology, color, size, type, and brand when you go to buy running shoes.

Every person who is fond of running shoes got confused about how to choose the perfect pair for them. Running shoes are designed to keep people in mind around the world. Every person in the world is almost different from each other and their running posture is different from each other. Researchers keep that in mind and make shoes that fit everybody in general. People nowadays are using running shoes as fashion, street style, and status symbol.

It is mostly chosen on the basis of your athletic skills and needs like some people prefer lightweight shoes and some prefer reasonably heavy shoes with grip for extreme running. They should be breathable, firm, and strong in every aspect. You cannot buy running shoes like slippers that you use daily and roughly. It depends where you live, like in cold areas you need to have warm and lightweight shoes to walk around.

Considerations Before Buying Running Shoes

If you are an athlete then you should know the technical aspects of running shoes in terms of weight, quality, materials, and technology. There is a huge variety of running shoes offered by many well-known brands and they are perfectly targeting their consumers. The things you have to keep in mind before buying are given below:

  • If you go to the shop to buy running shoes you can get confused because there is a huge variety of running shoes these days. There are so many types of shoes that it may be difficult for you to choose the right pair. They are specially made for running but vary in terms of their technology and usage. An athlete knows better what he wants and how to choose a perfect pair.
  • Size does matter in shoes every shoe you buy, the first thing you ask for is a perfect size. It sometimes happens that all the companies make a different type of running shoes with their own technology. If you do not buy a pair of your size then it will be very difficult for you to run without inflicting an injury. If it is not your size then there is no need to buy them no matter if it’s the last shoe on earth.
  • If you want to enjoy a great running experience then you should go to authentic sports shops. Do not ever go for cheap or replica shoes because they can cause you severe damage.
  • You should check the shoes by wearing them on the spot so you can pick the right size for yourself.
  • Always go for the breathable[ii] type of shoes because while running your feet can get sweaty and warm so it is necessary for air to pass through your shoes.
  • You should check the sole of your shoes because padding does matter for your heels. Always go for the best cushioning sole for the comfort of your overall experience.
  • Always go for shoes that are agile and can be used on any surface. Because you might have to wear them on different occasions and different terrains.
  • Always go for waterproof and dustproof shoes. You do not want your shoes to get dirty easily.

Running Shoe Types

Running shoes are not only made for running, but they can also be used for everyday walks and stuff. There is a science behind making running shoes, a major portion of R&D is dedicated to making them perfect and perfect over the time. From the anatomy of the human to materials for the shoes, they are all combined to make a perfect pair. People often confuse running shoes with regular shoes. You cannot run in a formal shoe and fashion shoe and enjoy the comfort of perfectly balanced running shoes. They are not made like ordinary shoes; it takes time to make them perfectly. There are few types of running shoes given below:

  • An everyday running shoe is made for beginners or with casual running. Anyone can buy and wear them regardless if they are an athlete passionate about running or not. They provide comfortable walk and jog with a sheer mix of fashion so that you can use them to go for other activities.
  • Another type is lightweight running shoes that are mostly used by athletes because they have to walk for their passion and they want agility and comfort with great speed. They are made light in weight because for athletic purposes, they are used in extreme conditions on daily basis.
  • There is a type of running shoes for extreme sports lovers and adventurers called dirt shoes or trail running shoes. They cannot be used for common purposes like going groceries, at the party, or casual events. They are made to bear extreme conditions like dirt, mud, water, hard surfaces, etc. Some of the trail shoes come with spikes on their bottom for better grip so a person doesn’t fall in extreme conditions

Price and Affordability

When you go to buy running shoes you should check your budget and availability of that particular running shoes and if you have not thinned or research about the shoes then you should at least do this before going to the market.