Scrap means any substance which is used for recycling after being manufactured for the first time. Recycling of substances is important for many purposes one being is it reduces the overall cost of the product which is made from the recycling process and the other is it affects the economic conditions of the country.

Metal scrap is collected and then melted which later is used to make new products. Scrape can come from any source, it could be metal, non-ferrous, or anything like plastic, metal from broken windows, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. it can be solely of metal or mixed with steel, copper, or any other impurity which could be separated while recycling procedure. Metals are of two types.

  • Ferrous metals ( they contain iron)
  • Non-ferrous metals (iron is absent)

Both ferrous and non-ferrous have different mechanical and physical properties and it also affects its strength and durability. Ferrous metals have an additional magnetic property. Coins with much economic value are made up of non-ferrous metals. Silver gold is also non-ferrous metal that is used all over the world to make jewelry items. Many metals can be used in the medical field due to their specific properties for example radioactive metals are used in the imaging and radiation therapy techniques used in therapeutics. In the metal industry, many metals are recycled and made into new products and much variety of substances. The metals used for recycling are mostly

  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Tin
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Lead
  • Brass
  • aluminum

Benefits of metal recycling:[i]

The recycling of metals is crucial for maintaining the ecosystem. Not only does the atmosphere affect life on earth but also the other earthly factors like mountains minerals etc are some of the important factors. The industrialization has advanced the quality of life of humans but on the same side, it has effect nature by leaching out its many natural resources including many metals. it’s important to preserve these resources for the long-term sustainability of life. We use many metal objects in our everyday life at home or the workplace. Metals are present from a simple form as a spoon in a home to a gigantic technology as vehicles. It has reduced environmental pollution by 89% leading to the belief that recycling of metals has environmental impacts. Metal scraping has the following major benefits

  • Environmental benefits
  • Economic benefits
  • User benefits

US environmental protection agency has researched according to which metal recycling is beneficial economically and in many other factors, some of them are explained as

  1. if the recycled metal is being processed the amount of energy required to produce the new product an approximate 82% less energy Is used. approximately 700 kg of coal energy
  2. If recycled metal is used the raw materials used for manufacturing decrease and the total amount of raw materials lessen up to 95%. Minimally 1120 kg of iron ore is saved.
  3. Many environmental factors also affect this, for example, it decreases air pollution by 88%
  4. The mining wastes in the manufacturing process is reduced up to 98%
  5. Water pollution can also be affected if wrought iron or scrap metals are used instead of virgin iron.
  6. Almost 90 KG’ of limestone are also saved if already processed metals are used.
  7. The most important factor is the lesser amount of energy that is demanded if the scrapes are remolded. different metals show different types of percentile of conservation of energy.

Metal   Recycled                        Energy saved

Aluminum (Al)                                           92%.

Lead      (Pb)                                               60%

Zinc        (Zn)                                              53%

Copper   ( Cu)                                            82%

Where to take scrap metal & Prices:

Most people around the world have no idea about the money value of scrap metal. Scrap metal can be recycled and it can be traded off or sold at any scrap yard in exchange for money. The amount of money you get in exchange highly depends on the quantity of scrape you are trading for. We can find[ii] many scrap yards nearby us which provide this service of metal recycling. In other words, we simply make money by this recycling and exchange process. We can easily find any place near us and they’d be willing to give their services. many local and national companies operate like that. this business of people is of great market value and people make great money out of this. These scrap yard gets the metals from many people including domestic metal scraps and industrial metal scraps both are processed and are saved from going to waste all together which are afterward crushed and remolded into any other product depending upon the needs and properties. Domestic scraps include wires from many types of equipment made of metals, washing machines, sanitary piping, etc. The scraps from the industries are different in every industry. It could be in a vast number of different varieties. Metal scrap yards usually get their supplies from the industries in vast numbers and industries get money in exchange. The market price of metal scrapes gets changed on daily basis and it’s variable with every type of scrap. Some of the most common metal scraps recycled for and the price range in which they are sold for per pound are given as follows,

Metal recycled                                          Price in Dollars /Pound

Bare Bright copper wire                                    1.8 / Ib

Copper tubing                                                     1.9/ lb

Cast Iron                                                               1.3 / Ib

Compressors                                                      2.3 / Ib

THHN Wire                                                         2.2 / Ib

Light Iron                                                           1.4 / Ib

Complete Car                                                    1.9 / Ib

Hard drives                                                        2.2 / Ib

Carbide                                                               2.07 / Ib

Steel                                                                    1.8 / Ib

Electric motors                                                 0.9 / Ib

Brass                                                                 1.6 / Ib

Laptops                                                             1.9 / Ib

Aluminum rings                                              2.1 / Ib

Roofing copper                                               1.5 / Ib

Metal sheets                                                   2.09/ Ib

Dryers                                                               1.89 / Ib

Batteries                                                           1.6 / Ib

Engine blocks                                                  1.7 / Ib

Stainless steel                                                 2.3 / Ib

Transformers                                                   2.9 / Ib

Communication wires                                   2.2 / Ib

Dish washers                                                   1.8 / Ib